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"A real translation is transparent, it doesn't not cover the original, does not block its light, but allows the pure language, as though reinforced by its own medium, to shine upon the original all the more fully."

                               ~Walter Benjamin

"A page of good prose remains invincible"

                                                             ~John Cheever




We are a used bookstore located on the coolest strip in the city:



Next door to Choux Choux Charcuterie and Classic Guitars On Fort, a half block from Ditch Records, this is the place to be. Now in our sixth year and the great titles won’t stop. During this busy shopping season we've been shopping for you. That's right, new titles come through our door on a daily basis.



And where do we get all of these fine books? If your shelves are overflowing, throw some in a box and let us have a look at them. If you have any questions, feel free phone or email us. We have been in the book business for as long as we can remember, so if you need a book to read we can put the right one in your hand.






See you soon.

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